We are excited to welcome you as a member-owner of University Credit Union! As you may know, on January 31, 2022, a conversion took place to transition your account information from Chabot Federal Credit Union to University Credit Union.  To help make this transition as seamless for you as possible, we have provided some important information and changes you can expect.


We look forward to serving you and giving you a financial advantage!




Mobile and online banking

The system conversion is now complete and you can click here to start registering for mobile and online banking. Please use your existing member number when registering.



UCU Cards


Credit and debit cards

You can continue to to use your Chabot debit card as normal through February 1. Any transactions made on or after February 2 will not be processed. Your new UCU debit card will need to be activated on February 2 to continue accessing your funds. You can continue to use your Chabot credit card until February 18 or when your new UCU credit card is activated.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will my personal information be safe during the system conversion? 

Yes, your personal information will not be affected by the system conversion. 


Will my account and funds be safe and secure during the system conversion? 

Yes, your account and funds will remain secure during the system conversion. All accounts will continue to be insured by NCUA for up to $250,000. 


When will my account be charged the $10.00 inactive fee? 

You will only be charged the $10.00 inactive fee if you are over the age of 18 and do not make a withdrawal from, deposit to, or transfer involving your checking account for more than twelve months. 


Will I still be able to use CARES line?

CARES line has been disabled now that the system conversion is complete. You can now use UCU's virtual assistant, Royce, or mobile or online banking to make transfers, check balances, and more.


How will I receive my January statement?

As a result of the system conversion, all members will receive paper statements. To continue receiving eStatements, please register for online banking and select eStatements from the top menu to opt in.



How can I make a mobile deposit?

You can now use UCU’s mobile check deposit feature once you’ve downloaded UCU’s mobile app. To download the mobile app, visit the Apple Store® or Google Play™.  

Mobile Banking App


When can I enroll for UCU’s mobile and online banking?

You are able to start enrolling for UCU’s mobile and online banking at any time now. For more details on how to enroll in mobile and online banking and how to download the mobile app, click here and scroll down to ‘How to enroll in online banking’ and ‘How to download the mobile app’.


Will I need to create a new username and password for UCU’s mobile and online banking platforms?

Yes, to access mobile and online banking, you will need to enroll and create a username and password. For additional help with enrolling in mobile and online banking, click here and scroll down to ‘How to enroll in online banking’.



Will my account number change after the system’s conversion?

Your account number will remain the same unless you were directly contacted about any change. However, the suffix number will change which will add additional numbers to your account.



Why is my UCU debit card not working?

Due to a technical issue, you may have been experiencing intermittent issue with your UCU debit card. We have corrected the issue and apologize for any inconveniences this has caused. We will be reissuing you a new debit card and new PIN, that you will receive on or around February 18th. After you receive your new debit card, please activate the new card, and securely destroy your current card.


Will I get a new Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Yes, a new PIN will be mailed to you a couple of days after your new debit card is mailed.


Can I change the PIN that UCU gives me?

Yes, you are able to change your PIN once you have activated your card on February 2. If you would like to change your PIN after receiving it, please call 800.503.9249 and have the reference number in the PIN mailer ready.


Will I need to update any other information?

Yes, any merchants that were receiving automatic payments from your old card will need to be updated with your new card information. Any digital wallets that you had set up will also need to be updated.


If I received more than one debit card, how do I know which of my accounts it belongs to?

If you received more than one debit card and are unsure which account each belongs to, you can contact the Dublin Advisory Center at 925.828.1320 and our team can assist you.



What will happen to my Chabot checking account?

Your Chabot checking account will automatically transition to a University Checking Account after the conversion.  Our University Checking Account is the highest yielding checking account in the nation, giving you the ability to earn up to 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield. To learn more about all the benefits you receive with a University Checking Account, click here.



What do I do with my Chabot FCU checks?

You can continue to use your Chabot FCU checks until April 15, 2022. At that time, securely destroy any unused checks and discontinue using them. Any checks using the Chabot FCU routing number after April 15 will not be processed.


How do I order UCU checks?

You can order checks via online banking, by clicking here, or by calling 800.UCU.4510. If you order checks via online banking by March 31, you will receive your first box free.


How can I deposit checks with UCU? 

You are able to deposit your checks, free of charge, into any deposit taking ATM, by visiting any of our advisory centers, or by completing a deposit slip and mailing it in with your check to: 

University Credit Union 
Attn: Payments 
PO Box 25356 
Los Angeles, CA 90025-0356 

For a more convenient way to deposit your checks on the go, you can you the mobile check deposit feature with our mobile app. 



What will happen to my old Chabot FCU credit card?

When you activate your new UCU credit card, your Chabot credit card will be deactivated, otherwise, it will deactivate by February 18.

If you are a current Chabot credit cardholder, you can use this secure link, which was also included in the letter you received, to select your new UCU credit card.

If you don’t currently have a credit card and are interested in learning about the variety of cards UCU offers, click here.

If you already know which UCU credit card is the right choice for you, you can complete our easy online application today.


What if I currently have a Chabot credit card, but do not want to select a UCU credit card?

If you elect not to choose a UCU credit card, your card will be closed and any remaining balance you had on your Chabot credit card will be transferred to a personal loan.


If I don’t currently have a credit card and want one, how can I apply for one?

UCU offers a variety of credit cards to choose from. To learn more about which UCU credit card is right for you and to apply online, click here.


When will I receive my new UCU credit card?

Your new credit card will arrive in early February. Once it arrives, please activate it and start using it.


Will my UCU credit card have a new number?

Yes. You will need to update any merchants that were receiving automatic payments from your old credit card, along with any digital wallets.


What am I able to redeem my credit card rewards points for?

You can redeem your rewards points for travel, gift cards, merchandise, Mastercard® prepaid cards, eCertificates for various merchants, and more.



Will my direct deposits and electronic payments be impacted by the conversion?

Your direct deposits and electronic payments will not be immediately impacted. However, your direct deposit and electronic payment information will need to be updated by April 15, 2022.


When can I start making direct deposits and electronic payments using UCU’s routing number?

Starting February 2, you are able to use UCU’s routing number, 322079502, to make direct deposits and electronic payments.



When will I need to stop using Checkfree bill payment?

After noon on January 31, any payments made using Checkfree bill payment will not be processed.


How can I continue to pay my bills online?

You can use UCU’s convenient Bill Pay feature within mobile and online banking.


Will my current Checkfree bill payment information transfer over?

Any payees that you had set up for Checkfree bill payment will need to be reentered with UCU’s Bill Pay feature.



What will happen to my loans I have with Chabot FCU?

Your loan information will stay the same. However, payments will now need to be made to UCU. Please see “How do I make a loan payment to UCU” for additional information.


How do I make a loan payment to UCU?

Payments can be made using mobile or online banking via account transfers. Payments can also be mailed to:

UCU Payments
PO Box 25356
Los Angeles, CA 90025-0356



What will happen to my Chabot FCU Certificates?

Your Certificates will remain at the same rate for the duration of the term. Upon maturity, the Certificate will renew at the current rate and term in effect.