Direct Deposit

It’s easy to set up Direct Deposit of your paycheck, retirement check, government check, or other recurring deposit to your UCU account or to make Electronic Withdrawals from your savings or checking account.

Setting up Direct Deposits or Electronic Withdrawals
If your employer or organization doesn’t have a Direct Deposit request form,

  • Simply download and print our Direct Deposit form. Complete it with the information required and submit it to them.
  • You may also want to attach a voided check to the form. Instruct the company to use all numbers listed for the account including the leading zeros.

For other types of electronic deposits or withdrawals made from your UCU checking or savings account, you will need to know the following information:

  • UCU’s Routing/Transit Number:    3 2 2 0 7 9 5 0 2
  •  To use the information from your UCU Check, you will need to list both the Account Number (including all zeroes) and the Special Clearing Number.SharedBranch-MICR-LineNote: Failure to follow directions and use all numbers as described above may result in an error in posting your transaction.

Cancelling Direct Deposit or Electronic Withdrawals
To cancel or change any Paycheck Direct Deposit, please contact your company’s payroll department. To cancel or change any electronic withdrawal authorizations, please contact the merchant or vendor assigned to the transaction.

If you have any questions, please contact a Financial Services Specialist at 310. 477.6628, x1, during business hours.