Overdraft Privilege

What is Overdraft Privilege?
Overdraft Privilege is protection for your UCU Checking Account. Unlike regular overdraft plans, it is not linked to a back-up payment source, such as a savings account or a line of credit. UCU’s Overdraft Privilege works if you accidentally make a purchase for more than your available balance, or if an error causes your account to be overdrawn.

What are the standard Overdraft Privilege coverages that come with a UCU Checking Account?
Overdraft Privilege is available automatically to all members with a checking account in good standing and positive activity.

We do authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:

  • ACH, Checks and other transactions made using your checking account number
  • Automatic bill payments

We do not authorize and pay overdrafts via Overdraft Privilege for the following types of transactions unless you opt in (see below):

  • ATM transactions
  • Everyday debit card transactions

We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

How much does Overdraft Privilege cost?
There is no fee to opt in and become eligible for this service, nor is there a fee unless you actually overdraw your account and we elect to honor the transaction. The Overdraft Privilege fee and the Non-Sufficient Funds fee are the same. Please see our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

How to Opt-In for Overdraft Privilege on ATM and everyday debit card transactions
If you do opt in for this additional coverage, you may do so at any time. However, we recommend you do it soon to avoid the inconvenience of having your transaction declined when you may need it most.

We offer several convenient ways for you to opt in:

  1. Log in and sign up through eBranch
    (go to My Profile >> Overdraft Privilege Opt In/Out)
  2. Call UCU at (800) UCU-4510, ext. 1
  3. Complete the Opt-In Form and mail to: University Credit Union or drop it off at any UCU branch.

More questions? See the Overdraft Privilege FAQ or Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.

If you have additional questions, please contact a Financial Services Representative at (800) UCU-4510, x1 or send us an e-mail.

*The Overdraft Privilege Program is a courtesy and is not an extension of credit. Overdraft Privilege is not available for ATM withdrawals or PIN-generated debit transactions unless member has opted-in. UCU pays overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. No application is necessary.