Bill Pay Quick Tips

Once you start using Bill Pay, you’ll wonder why you didn’t pay your bills this way sooner.

If you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned user, you might be able to use a few tips to make using Bill Pay even smoother!

Tip: If you’re not sure how to start, enter only one biller on the service so you can see how it works.

The intuitive commands will make setting up and paying your first bill easy. It only takes about three minutes to enter each bill. Once your first payee is set up, schedule the first payment. That’s it.

You can enter more payees after you complete your first bill or you can take the bills as they come in the mail and enter them the same day they arrive.

Tip: When starting the service, take the bills as they come in the mail and enter them the same day they arrive.

Over the first month, day by day, you’ll only have to enter one or two at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have them all entered.

Remember to set up your first payment by finding the payment amount on the bill you just set up.

After you enter each bill, see if you can receive an E-bill (where your biller sends your bill for you to view on your computer). Click the “sign-up” link next to the biller’s name (if one appears).

Tip: If you have another Bill Pay service somewhere else, transfer your payees to the University Credit Union Bill Pay as bills arrive in the mail.

You know how easy it is to enter and pay. So, if you do it over a month, your efforts will pay off quickly.

Don’t forget to cancel the biller and payment on your old service — you don’t want to pay twice by mistake.

Tip: See if your billers can send you E-bills.

E-bills is when the biller can e-mail the bill to your Bill Pay service. Then, you can view the billing statement online. Certain billers provide this service. If yours does, try it. It’s a sure way to cut down on the clutter in your mailbox.

When the bills arrive, e-mail notifications will be sent to you so you can review your statement.

Tip: If your account is established and you normally sit down at one time each month to set up your payments, try changing your routine to setting up payments as they come in the mail.

Some people like to pay their bills in one sitting, every week or right at the due date. Bill Pay can accommodate all these styles of paying bills.

Don’t get stuck with the stack! We suggest entering payments as the bills arrive. The bill paying “chore” will go much quicker and it will start to seem like less of a chore. For some, setting up payments as the bills arrive creates less stress, reduces the chance of missing the payment, and assures that bills will be paid on time.

Bill Pay’s handy “Payment History” tab will show you when bills are scheduled and when they were paid, just in case you get an anxiety attack about whether one was paid or not.

Tip: If you have previously set up payments to utilities by logging-in to each of the utilities’ Web sites, consider paying those bills through Bill Pay.

With Bill Pay, you will be able to check the status of each bill at this one site, avoiding the need to log-in each time at a bunch of individual sites. Then, you only have to remember one password, not each individual password at each site. A big time-saver!

Once a utility is set up on Bill Pay, see if you can sign up for E-bill for that company. With your utilities on E-bill, you will have access to your statements at one site. Bill Pay saves up to six months of statements on line for you to review! Much easier than going to each site and much easier than digging through your filing cabinets for the old bills!