Browser Information

Time to Upgrade your Browser?

Upgrade your browser to the latest version and get added information at the Mozilla Firefox®, Apple® and Internet Explorer® sites. They provide browsers free of charge when you download to your computer.

University Credit Union has put in many safeguards to help ensure that your use of eBranch is safe and secure.

For security and best viewing experience, eBranch (or “all UCU online services”) supports the following browser versions: IE 8, Mozilla Firefox® 19, Chrome 23 for Windows XP and higher and Safari® 6.0, Mozilla Firefox® 19, Google Chrome 23 for MAC® OS 10.6 and higher. Supporting browsers are subject to change without notice.

Additionally, it is very important to regularly download and install any browser updates and/or patches provided by the browser manufacturer. These updates are critical to the usage and security of your browser, while helping to protect your personal information and computer.

To see your browser version, click the HELP button at the top of your browser and go to “About …” to display the version of your browser.

For more information on eBranch security matters, please read the eBranch FAQ.