Card Alerts

Guard Your Cards with CO-OP Alerts

Guard your cards with CO-OP Card Alerts!

Protect your University credit and debit cards with FREE CO-OP Card Alerts sent directly to your mobile device.  Use CO-OP Card Alerts to:

  • Quickly spot unusual transactions
  • Identify potentially fraudulent activity, so you can notify us immediately to take action

Receive near real-time notification of transactions by your choice of email or text messages*. Choose from:

  • All transactions
  • International transactions
  • Transactions over a dollar amount you specify
  • Locations
    • International
  • Transaction Types
    • In Store
    • Online
    • Mail/Phone Order
    • Auto Pay
    • ATM
  • Merchant Types
    • Retail Stores
    • Entertainment
    • Gas Station
    • Groceries
    • Household
    • Personal Care
    • Restaurants
    • Travel
    • Age Restricted
  • Spend Limits
    • Threshold you set per transaction

You can change your preferred alerts any time at

Shop smarter and safer. To start receiving CO-OP Card Alerts, click here to sign up for alerts.

*Text charges may apply depending on your plan.