Letter to Members from the CEO

David Tuyo, President & CEO

Value, is it Relative or Absolute? Both?.

University Credit Union recently held our annual meeting celebrating the 67th year of our financial cooperative. The annual meeting highlighted one of our earliest members who has provided the University Community with a significant amount of value, both tangible and intangible. Our member-owner who has been with us since UCU started, has written books, mentored thousands, and lived a life full of passion for the University Community. This member personifies what UCU strives to do each and every day. UCU is constantly focusing on creating lifelong relationships through purpose driven activities that add value to the University Community, both in dollars and sense. UCU is constantly innovating ways to provide a high level of corporate citizenship and alignment with our University Community. Nothing else matters or is more important to us. Value is inherent in the way UCU operates as a financial cooperative. We focus on the University Community exclusively, no other financial institution has that level of focus, nor are they as invested in your success. We understand your unique needs because we were created by you, for you, and exist today solely because of you.
Since we are finishing up March Madness, we thought we would create the Elite Eight, the top eight ways UCU adds value:

  1. University Credit Union focuses on your enrichment.
    We save you time and money. Just add up the savings provided by your UCU membership including access to the 2nd largest branch network in the country – bigger than Chase, Bank of America, US Bank, and PNC. UCU members enjoy over 30,000 free ATMs, and competitive interest rates on loans and deposits. We find ways to add value beyond monetary; we give you back time!
  2. UCU sticks to roots of being a financial cooperative.
    UCU leverages cooperative pricing for our loans and soon will transition to other products and services. Using UCU as your primary financial institution allows you to take advantage of repeat borrower discounts. UCU is able to match or beat the prices of major bank competitors. When you participate by using UCU’s checking accounts, car loans, credit cards, consolidation loans, and mortgages, this means maximum overall savings for you.
  3. University Credit Union educates members.
    UCU provides unbiased advice when you are shopping for a car, a credit card, or a mortgage. We educate you on strategies to save money, finance your dreams, and build wealth. Last year, we educated thousands through our webinars, seminars, and other educational events.
  4. UCU protects members.
    UCU protects you by keeping your member information safe and secure with upgrades to our online banking, alerts on your accounts, and intuitive fraud detection. We are investing proactively in intelligent technology to provide you with best of breed products that have a proven track record of safety.
  5. UCU serves the University Community Exclusively.
    UCU gives the University Community a financial edge. We know the specific needs of students, staff, faculty and alumni. You can count on us to be there in good times and bad because we have 67 years of history serving our member-owners. We are ALL IN.
  6. Incentives don’t exist at University Credit Union.
    We recognized the research pointing to the dangers of incentives as well as learning from others who have put their customers in harm’s way because of dangerously designed incentive pay systems. When you meet with one of our experts, you don’t have to worry about hidden agendas or conflicts of interest.
  7. Big enough to help you. Small enough to know you.
    We listen to you, we respect you, and we take action. We listen to you each and every day, then capture those conversations to drive our future plans. UCU is in the top 10% of all credit unions nationwide in terms of size.
  8. UCU is prescriptive, predictive and proactive.
    UCU is making tremendous progress with our technology and business intelligence initiatives. We are becoming prescriptive, predictive, and proactive. Prescriptive in that we only want to prescribe solutions that are needed, that will solve your needs, wants, and desires. Predictive in that we will anticipate your needs and provide timely solutions, sometimes before you even know you will need it. Proactive in that we will to take action to help you!

Respectfully yours,

David L. Tuyo II