Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services through Affinity Trusts

Estate planning is another benefit of your University Credit Union membership. Regardless of the size of your estate, you probably know you should have an estate plan. It may be as simple as a will, or it may involve creating a living trust. Unfortunately, most people don’t do anything about their estate until it is too late. When members decide to start their planning, the excuse for why they didn’t do it sooner is often: “I’m not going to die”, or “I don’t have an estate”, “I’m too busy”, and “it’s too complicated and expensive to establish a plan”.

The truth is, everyone is going to die, just about everyone has an estate, and creating an estate plan can be easy and cost-effective; especially when you consider the alternative…doing nothing at all! It is important that everyone plan to manage their health, and financial decisions should they find themselves in a situation where they are unable to do so; and to decide how to ultimately distribute his/her property to chosen heirs and beneficiaries.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your estate planning organized, now’s the time to contact Affinity Trusts. Affinity Trusts, in conjunction with Citadel Law Corporation, assists University Credit Union members with their estate planning.

For more information about estate planning and to schedule a complimentary consultation with a representative, click here for Affinity Trusts or call 323.251.7059.

Disclaimer: University Credit Union is not responsible for the products or recommendations provided by Affinity Trusts and Citadel Law Corporation, nor any business transactions conducted between the member and Citadel Law Corporation.