GAP Protection

UCU offers a protection product aimed to give you peace of mind with your car. Our GAP Protection includes Auto Deductible Reimbursement and GAP Advantage which provides you with an $1,000 credit toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle when financed through UCU.

In the event that your new or used car is stolen or totaled in an accident, will your insurance company reimburse you for the full value of the car? Probably not. Typically, insurance pays the market value of a car, which is not necessarily the loan amount. With GAProtection, you can be assured a total loan payoff. GAP will cover the difference between what the insurance company pays and the outstanding loan balance. GAProtection can only be purchased at the time of financing. Coverage costs can be included in the initial loan amount, so you have no out-of-pocket expenses. Apply for a car loan and ask a UCU Financial Services Specialist about GAP Protection today!Contact a Financial Services Specialist at 310.477.6628, x 1.

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