VISA Debit

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VISA Debit is an ATM card and a “purchase” (debit) card, all in one! You still get all the great benefits of UCU’s ATM Access service. Plus, the VISA Debit Card also allows you to make purchases using your checking account funds at merchants that accept VISA debit cards — and there are no monthly fees for this debit card. The VISA Debit has Checking Account convenience, with “credit card” ease of use.


Switch from an ATM card to a debit card for no extra cost.
There is no extra fee for upgrading to the VISA Debit Card– and there are no monthly fees for this debit card. You’ll maintain your same ATM Access service at the same cost!

The VISA option.
Use your VISA Debit Card like a charge card; except that the money comes from your Checking Account. The VISA logo gives you instant payment recognition.

It’s easier than writing a check.
Just sign the slip and you’re off! The VISA Debit Card transaction is as simple as a “credit card” transaction.

Verified by VISA
University Credit Union members will be able to register their UCU Visa Check Cards in the Verified by Visa program to help safeguard debit card usage online.

Same great ATM Access
The VISA Debit Card performs all the regular ATM card functions you now enjoy. You can use it at any UCU-operated ATM, at any CIRRUS, STAR or Instant Teller ATM or at any Interlink network point-of-sale terminal for store or gas station purchases.

Worldwide Access
UCU gives you ACCESS! Your VISA Debit Card can be used at millions of merchant locations that accept Visa debit cards and thousands of ATM locations worldwide.

Traveling Internationally? See Visa Debit Card Travel Tips.

Easy record keeping
VISA Debit Card transactions will appear on your monthly statement showing the location and amount of your VISA Debit Card purchase

Apply for your card
Switch to the VISA Debit Card. The VISA Debit Card comes with the VISA, ATM and point-of-sale features all in one card. Apply for a VISA Debit Card to replace your current ATM ACCESS card. Call a Financial Services Specialist at 310.477.6628 to order your VISA Debit Card.

Visa Debit Card Contact Information
To report a VISA Debit Card that is either lost or stolen, please call immediately to have your card cancelled.