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Pay with your Android device, it's easier and more secure than ever before. Add your UCU credit card and debit card to Google Pay to shop online, on the Google Play Store and at over a million participating retailers across America--with more stores joining every day. Keep your eyes open for the Google Pay logo anywhere you shop.


Just a few things you can do on Google Pay


  • Transfer money to friends -- even if they don't have Google Pay
  • Keep your UCU card and rewards cards in one place
  • Receive discounts exclusive to Google Pay users
  • Whether you're boarding a red-eye or catching a matinée -- store your tickets on Google Pay


Here's how to set up your UCU card on Google Pay


  • Access Google Play and download the Google Pay app
  • Enter your card: Add your UCU credit card, debit card, or another way you'd like to pay
  • Open Google Pay and click on your UCU card
  • Tap "Set as Default Card"


Secure payments and data storage

Lost your phone? Don't worry! With Google Pay your cards are in safe hands--even if your phone happens to fall into the wrong ones.

Google Pay offers an extra layer of protection to secure your card information. Threat Detection software safeguards your phone from potential viruses and security breaches. You can access Google Pay online and lock your device, reset your password, or erase all personal information, with a click of a button.

Carefree, convenient checkouts — download Google Pay today.

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