As we find ourselves stepping into spring, I am filled with eager anticipation for the exciting journey that lies ahead and the opportunities it brings to enhance your banking experience with University Credit Union.

The next quarter of the year brings with it a wave of transformative initiatives aimed at elevating your banking experience and laying the groundwork for a resilient future.


Credit and Debit Card Upgrades


I am delighted to share that our recent debit card upgrade was met with resounding success from our member-owners. This upgrade, meticulously crafted with your needs in mind, prioritizes security, reliability, and convenience in your everyday transactions, along with a new modern card design.

As we speak, our team is diligently working on the next phase of our card enhancement journey—the eagerly anticipated credit card upgrade is scheduled to take place on April 29th. This upgrade represents our unwavering commitment to providing you with a seamless banking experience, and cards complete with advanced features and functionalities designed to simplify your financial life.


Digital Banking


In the realm of digital banking, we are thrilled to announce upcoming enhancements that will revolutionize the way you manage your finances. Among these enhancements is our Checking Dividend Progress tool, designed to provide you with unparalleled insight into your financial landscape. This innovative feature will empower you to effortlessly track and monitor the dividends you are earning with your University Checking Account each month, offering transparency and clarity to help you make informed decisions about your financial journey.




In addition to these advancements, I am thrilled to announce that we recently awarded three deserving students each with a $5,000 scholarship to aid them in furthering their educational pursuits. We firmly believe in investing in the future of our community, and these scholarships exemplify our commitment to supporting the next generation as they embark on their academic journeys.


Organizational and Business Accounts


Furthermore, I'm excited to share that we are introducing a new feature to our online membership application, making it simpler for members to open organizational and business accounts. This enhancement reflects our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our member-owners.


At University Credit Union, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our offerings and services to better serve you, our valued member-owners. As we move forward on this journey of innovation and progress, we are deeply excited about the transformative changes that lie ahead, poised to elevate your banking experience to new heights.


Thank you for choosing us as your trusted financial partner. Together, we will continue to build a brighter financial future for you.