Share the benefits of UCU membership with your family members


As a University Credit Union member, you already know the value and peace of mind that comes from banking with us. From exceptional member service, to rates among the best in the nation, and our 24/7 account access to a full suite of financial products and services, we are more than a credit union - we are your one-stop shop for gaining a financial advantage.


This is a banking experience uniquely designed by and for the University Community. And the best part is, you get to share it.


When you encourage your family to join UCU, they can experience firsthand what it means to bank with your brain, and our credit union grows stronger as a result. That’s the power of member ownership: our growth leads to even more savings and better products and services for you.


Referring your family is simple


We make it easy to apply for membership right from home, with our online membership application. When applying, your family members simply need to provide your name and their relationship to you on the eligibility step.

Tell those you love what a difference it makes when you bank with your brain.

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