Why wait to have access to your hard-earned money? With direct deposit to your UCU checking or savings account, you receive access to your funds the same day* we receive them. The wait for your actual payday is over. Direct deposits can include payments such as payroll or Social Security. Early access to your money is just one more way UCU gives our member-owners a financial advantage.


Your employer's HR department is the place to start for a Direct Deposit request form. But if they don't have one, take one of these routes:


Complete the form

  • Download our Direct Deposit form. Complete it with the information required and submit it to your employer.
  • You may also want to attach a voided check to the form. Instruct your employer to use all numbers listed for the account number, which should be a total of 14-digits.

Set up in digital banking

  • Log in to your account and click on 'Make a Transfer'.

  • Under 'New Transfer', select what share you want to transfer from and what share/loan suffix to transfer to.

  • Select how much you would like to transfer or, if a loan is selected, how much you want to pay.

  • Select when you would like to send the transfer. If an option other than 'Now' is selected, set your desired schedule.

  • Review the transfer instructions and select 'Schedule' when ready.


There's more you can do with Direct Deposit. Set up regular withdrawals from a UCU checking or savings account for vendors or merchants you pay frequently. To do this, you'll need the following:


  • UCU’s Routing Number: 322079502
  • ACH/MICR number: Your unique 14-digit account number that you can find within digital banking. To find it, select your desired share, click ’Details ’, and then click the eye icon to display the full 14-digit MICR/ACH account number.


Failure to follow directions and use all numbers as described above may result in an error in posting your transaction.


If you have any questions or need help setting up your Direct Deposit, please call us at 800.UCU.4510.

Member Testimonial

"Great and a very easy experience getting a loan!"

- Barbara M.