Steady like a best friend

You know what good friends do? They look out for you. And they give it to you straight, whether it's advice or a pat on the back. So here's the bottom line. University Credit Union will do right by you, starting with this savings account. Open it today and you're automatically a member with an ownership share in our credit union. It's pretty simple: Deposit your money, watch it grow, and start making a difference in your financial life with a credit union that cares about what you're trying to accomplish.


Giving you a financial advantage

  • Open your account with a $5 deposit
  • Earn more with an interest rate higher than many banks
  • Attach a special name and purpose (Holiday Savings, Vacation Fund, etc.) to your account
  • Set up direct deposit to feed your savings steadily and get paid up to two days early*

You're smart, you bank with your brain, and you know when things are good for you.

Join University Credit Union now to open your account. 

Member Testimonial

"We had an exceptional experience. We found the car we wanted at a great price. I would recommend UCU to others."

- Jeanne T.