When your family may need it the most, UCU's debt protection could pick up the slack.


Consider all the monthly loan and credit card payments you manage. Now imagine you lose your income, your ability to work, or something worse. University Credit Union offers ConsumerSafe Plus, a borrower protection plan from that could protect your loans and assets against multiple factors. 

An extended disability, involuntary unemployment or your death could create a financial burden for your family. UCU’s Debt Protection could safeguard your loan if you fall victim to an unfortunate event by helping cancel your loan payment obligations, up to the contract maximums.

The following package options are available to choose from for an auto loan, personal loan, or UCU credit card:


  • Premier: Life, Disability, and Involuntary Unemployment 
  • Basic Plus: Life and Disability 
  • Basic: Life 

A protection plan can be added at the time of funding your loan or can be added to a current loan within 180 days of the initial loan funding date. Knowing you won’t have to worry about making your loan payments if an unexpected life event occurs helps you and your family rest easier. 


Make sure you have a strategy for protecting your loan payments when you can’t pay them. Contact us at 800.UCU.4510 for more information about debt protection options.

Member Testimonial

"Creating this Trust has been one of my accomplishments for this year, and I feel really good about having these protections set up."

- Cathy B.