Sending or receiving a wire? We'll move it along quicker.


Don't get tripped up by wires. Let UCU handle your transfers for a small fee.

Outgoing Wires


Whether you're sending money over state lines or overseas, UCU makes it easy to accomplish.


For domestic wires, fill out our domestic wire transfers form and then call UCU at 800.UCU.4510 or email us at before submitting your request.


With international wires, fill out our international wire transfers form and then call UCU at 800.UCU.4510 or email us at before submitting your request.


Make sure you give us plenty of lead time if you need the money delivered on a specific date.

Incoming Wires

This is the information you need to receive incoming wires for your UCU account.



Receiving Bank Information:

Catalyst Corporate Credit Union
Plano, Texas
ABA# 3119-9051-1



For Final Credit To:

Member’s Name
Member’s Account Number (Must specify suffix for deposit: 1 = savings; 9 = checking)
Member’s Address




For Credit To:

University Credit Union
Account # 322079502

All wires must be sent in U.S. dollars only. For questions about incoming wires, please call a UCU representative at 800.UCU.4510, x1.

Need some help figuring out wires? Just visit or contact us.

Member Testimonial

"Great and a very easy experience getting a loan!"

- Barbara M.