The university community is as diverse and wide-ranging as the people and creatures who inhabit our precious planet.


As such, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to help protect the earth’s people and resources. Through dedicated initiatives and strict finance and lending policies, we are doing our part to lift up underserved communities and halt activities that harm the environment.




We know being socially and environmentally responsible are important to our member-owners and we have Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing frameworks and lending practices in place. UCU does not lend to or invest in risky loans or other non-consumer friendly ventures.


University Credit Union has NOT and will NEVER invest in or lend to these types of companies:

  • Arctic Drilling
  • Fracking
  • Coal Power Energy
  • Big Tobacco
  • Rainforest Destruction


In addition, we actively give back to the universities we proudly support. Highlighted below are our efforts to support underrepresented groups within our university community:


Food Pantry Support


  • Financial literacy webinars
  • Support for UCLA Black Alumni Association scholarships
  • Support for UCLA Staff Assembly scholarships
  • Support for LMU African American Alumni Association scholarships
  • Latino Alumni Association at LMU
  • Donations and support to LMU, UCI, UC Davis, SMC and SCU food pantries
  • UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Toy Drive and Donations



Financial Institution



Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is an important focus at UCU, and we are doing our part to lessen our environmental impact. Our credit union seeks ways to support the sustainability issues of the university community at large, by starting at our locations.

Our sustainability efforts include:

  • Recycling initiatives within our network of advisory centers and banking hubs
  • Reduce single use plastic usage by providing advanced purified drinking water system for all employees
  • Enrolled in energy and water saving utility programs to conserve resources
  • Work From Anywhere (WFA) policy






JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Initiatives

UCU is committed to providing our employees fair wages, just and ethical treatment, and a safe and clean environment in which to work. We continually seek to create a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for our team members to thrive. Diversity in our work place starts from the top with 60% of our volunteer board of directors being female, and our executive leadership team make-up is 50% female. Team UCU is more diverse than the university communities we serve with over 76% of our team coming from an underrepresented group. Growth and advancement within our organization remains a top priority, because we believe investing in our people is the right thing to do. We empower our team members to take steps toward leadership and career advancement by offering CUNA management courses, continuing education opportunities paid for by UCU, and a certified financial counseling program for our frontline teams.


To further our initiatives, we have implemented a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy that ensures we are holding ourselves and our employees to the highest standards. We embrace and acknowledge well-known cultural holidays and events to let our team know they are seen and appreciated for all they bring to our organization. These include annual activities celebrating Black History Month, Women's History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride Month, Lunar New Year, team wellness challenges and activities, and more.