UCU's debit card offers convenient access to your money and spending flexibility.


You’ll receive a UCU Mastercard® debit card when you open a University Checking Account, giving you more flexibility when it comes to withdrawing and spending your money. UCU’s debit card prioritizes simplicity, security, and convenience.

UCU Debit Card


Explore the exciting advantages of a UCU debit card.




Payments are faster and more secure with a simple tap via contactless payments.




Taking a sustainable step forward, our standard UCU debit cards are made from 85% recycled plastic.




Our debit card comes with Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ to help defend your accounts against identity theft.


ATM Network


Enjoy fee-free access to over 30,000 ATMs through the CO-OP Network




What is a contactless card and what are the benefits?

A contactless card uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology, allowing cardholders to wave their card over a contactless payment terminal. The embedded antenna transmits the payment information to the terminal using a one-time code for each transaction. Utilizing this feature makes purchases faster, more secure, and easier.


How secure are contactless cards?

Each contactless card transaction uses a one-time code to complete the payment. This code and data are unique to each purchase and can only be used once. In addition, every contactless terminal utilizes its own secret key, which is never transmitted.


How do I add UCU’s debit card to a mobile wallet?

When you add a UCU debit card to your mobile wallet, you can quickly and conveniently complete transactions using just your mobile phone. For instructions on adding your card to your mobile wallet, please click here.


Are there other ways to manage UCU’s debit card?

You can manage our debit card through UCU’s digital banking platform. Here, you can access an organized overview of your account, as well as utilize Card Manager to schedule travel notices, set customized alerts, lock or unlock your cards, and more.


What is Mastercard ID Theft Protection™?

Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ is a free program available to cardholders that helps eliminate the fear of identity theft. With the service, your card will be monitored and you’ll be alerted if suspicious activity is found. Plus, a team of experts is available 24/7 to help assist with any problems. To sign up, visit mastercardus.idprotectiononline.com.


How can I set or change the PIN on my debit card?

PINs can be set at the same time  a UCU debit card is activated. To change a PIN, please call the PIN Now number at 888.886.0083.


Report a lost or stolen UCU debit card

Within U.S. – 888.241.2510

Outside U.S. – 909.941.1398

Account Information (during UCU's business hours) – 800.UCU.4510


If your debit card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately to order a replacement card. Replacement cards will arrive within 7-10 days, not including Sundays.

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