We want you to save time and give you peace of mind when searching for the best loan rates. That’s why we give our members our Best Rates in the Nation Guarantee* on loans. This promise serves as a reminder that UCU always has our members’ best interest at the forefront of everything we do.


We are the only financial institution nationwide to guarantee that our rates on auto loans, credit cards, consumer loans, and HELOCs are ALL within the top 5% lowest nationwide.

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Best rates

If you take out a loan with UCU for a vehicle, credit card, consumer, or HELOC, you’re guaranteed to be getting a great rate.


Save money with UCU

By offering you the lowest rates, UCU helps save you money that you’d be spending on higher rates elsewhere!


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How is our guarantee calculated?

UCU's loan rates are compared with top financial institutions across the country by an independent research team, and our best rates we offer members typically score within the top 5% of available options.1

We want to help give you a financial advantage by saving you both time and money!

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