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We ARE University Credit Union. And like our name says, we serve universities. Not just one, many. In fact, universities have been our sole focus since 1951 when we were founded on the UCLA campus in Royce Hall. We’ve grown since then. Now, we are located on several campuses and serve multiple prestigious universities across the west coast.


Being a UCU member comes with a lot of benefits. One is how easy it is to join. The list is long of who we serve, and if you are part of any college or university in California, any school in the UC system, or any school in the The Big West or Western Athletic Conference, you can become a member. If you are attending or serving any higher education institution in California, make the smart choice and join us today


Choosing a financial institution is an important decision. University Credit Union membership is the smart choice for you. Our Best Rates in the Nation Guarantee* and the opportunity to earn up to 5.00% APYon your University Checking Account give our members a financial advantage. You want a partner who understands the University Community exclusively and has the expertise to guide you wisely.


We are proud to show you all that UCU has to offer you as a financial institution. Join today and enjoy unparalleled value, uncompromising service and a university community to support you in all of your endeavors.


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Students, employees, and alumni of any college or university in Southern California, the West Coast Conference, The Big West, Western Athletic Conference, or Southland Conference are eligible for membership at UCU! 

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Higher education requires a lot of dedication.

You handle classes, and we’ll help with financing.

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Higher education requires a lot of dedication.

You handle classes, and we’ll help with financing.

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it's important to know what your membership offers.

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