What is Card Manager?


Card Manager is a free digital banking tool that allows you to control when, where, and how your UCU cards are used. You choose the settings that make sense for your needs - all while ensuring the safety of your accounts.



Card Manager Features


  • Better Fraud Protection - Card Manager lets you easily turn your cards on or off. This feature helps prevent unwanted purchases or withdrawals in the event your card is lost or stolen.
  • Merchant Category Controls - Prevent unwanted purchases at select merchants, or simply set limitations with the help of Card Manager.
  • Region Specific Controls - Set controls or alerts for when transactions occur outside specified regions, domestically or internationally.
  • Spending Limits - Sticking to a budget has never been easier. Use Card Manager to set spending thresholds for certain categories like groceries, gas, restaurants, and more.
  • Get Real-Time Alerts - Set up text, email, or push alerts so you know immediately when a transaction occurs.
  • Flexibility - You can conveniently set or modify card usage anytime, anywhere within online and mobile banking.


Take control of how, where, and when you spend. Card Manager gives you that financial advantage.


How do I access Card Manager?

You can access Card Manager by logging into digital banking, clicking on your account, and selecting 'Card Manager.'


What do I do if I am not receiving notifications?

If you are not receiving any notifications from Card Manager, but have opted into them, you will need to make sure your online account is opted in. Log into your digital banking account and click ‘Menu’, then 'Alerts', and 'Security Alerts.' From here you can select if you want to receive email, text, and/or push notifications.


Which cards can I control in Card Manager?

You can control any UCU card, including credit, debit, or ATM cards.


What does the 'Advanced Card Controls' option in Card Manager do?

The Advanced Card Controls function allows you to select which transactions will be allowed or disallowed according to your preferences. These include merchant type, specific regions, transaction type, and spend limits.


What does the 'Advanced Card Alerts' option in Card Manager do?

The Advanced Card Alerts function allows you to set up alerts for all transactions or those you have blocked. Within Advanced Card Alerts, you can choose which types of transactions you would like to be alerted for; including merchant type, specific regions, transaction type, and spend limits.


Which cards will I see in Card Manager?

Any cards that you currently have open with UCU will show up in Card Manager. Select the account associated with your card and then click 'Card Manager.'


What if I have multiple UCU Accounts, but am not seeing all my cards?

If you have more than one UCU Account, you will have to create an online account for each in order to see your cards associated with that account. Even if you are able to see all the transactions in digital banking, in order to receive alerts or turn ON/OFF your other cards, you will need a separate online account log in.


What will happen if I block a transaction and try to use that card for the blocked transaction type?

The purchase will be blocked and you will receive an alert notification within minutes of the denied transaction.


I have recurring payments set up, will they be blocked if I turn my card off?

If you turn OFF a card with recurring payments, they will still go through. Turning OFF a card will only block new transactions with new authorization requests.


What does the 'Card is Unlocked/Locked' toggle button on the Card Manager main page do button on the Card Manager main page do?

This button allows you to turn your card off completely and all transactions will be blocked. Turning off your card is a good option if you have lost or misplaced your card.


If I turn off my card in Card Manager, will it be turned off permanently?

The 'locked' feature in Card Manager is temporary and you are able to turn your card back on at any time.


What if I see a transaction alert and I don’t recognize the merchant or the purchase?

Please lock your card immediately and call us at 800.UCU.4510 to let us know. We’ll assist you with more information on the merchant and/or help you dispute the transaction.


If my transaction was declined after UCU hours due to Card Issuer Rejection, who should I contact?

If you need after-hours assistance, please call 800.UCU.4510 and follow the prompts for after-hours support.


Am I able to stop all alerts from Card Manager?

Card Manager requires you to have at least one alert channel selected to receive notifications; either text, email, or push notifications. You are also able to select more than one.