Spending and saving go hand in hand, but putting too much emphasis on spending without stashing money away for a rainy day, retirement, or other investment opportunities can leave you in a difficult financial situation when you need access to funds, and you don’t have enough.


We have several savings account products with competitive rates to help you maximize your savings and achieve your goals:


Saving Options


Savings Account

University Credit Union’s goal is to give you the financial advantage you deserve, and that starts with a savings account. Open an account today and you're automatically a member with an ownership share in UCU.


It's pretty simple:


  • Make a $5 minimum deposit to open your account
    • Watch your money grow while earning interest
  • Start making a difference in your life with a financial institution that cares about what you're trying to accomplish


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Money Market Account

A Money Market account with UCU gives you the benefit of growing your money while you save. At the same time, you're able to access funds whenever you need them.


Money Markets are perfect, whether you're saving for something specific, or creating a cushion for unexpected expenses with an emergency fund. Add money to this account anytime to keep it growing and make unlimited withdrawals in person and at ATMs. You also receive 6 electronic transfers per month.


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You want your savings to grow logically and sensibly. Our Certificates maximize your savings with certainty. Plus, we have multiple options to fit perfectly in your wealth management strategy. We help you build your savings and give you peace of mind.


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Traditional IRAs

Make choices now to achieve your dreams of the future. Fund your retirement passions by directing pre-tax income towards investments that grow tax-deferred.


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Roth IRAs

This option for retirement savings comes with distinct tax advantages, mainly that you're investing after-tax money to withdraw earnings and contributions tax-free beginning at age 59 1/2. If you plan to retire in a higher tax bracket, you might as well pay at the lower rate now.


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College Savings

You can start early by contributing to your child's college fund and watching your money grow. It's hard to work and go to college at the same time. Our University Investment Services team can help you get in front of higher-education costs long before the first semester rolls around with a 529 College Savings Plan.


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