Manage and pay all your bills in one spot using Bill Pay available in our digital banking platforms. You'll save time and money and avoid late fees and missed due dates. 


Do more with Bill Pay


  • Schedule payments in advance to pay bills, friends, family, and more
  • Make transfers between your UCU account and accounts at outside financial institutions
  • Get immediate access to your eBill statements after your accounts are connected
  • We guarantee your payment will arrive on time as scheduled, or we'll pay up to $50 of your late fees

How do I access the Bill Pay service?

To access Bill Pay, you must first sign in to digital banking and click 'Pay Bills' from the menu.


First-time users will be asked to accept the terms and conditions, and once accepted you can start adding payees to set up payments.


What UCU services must I have to enroll in Bill Pay?

To enroll in Bill Pay, you need to have an active UCU checking account in good standing and be enrolled in digital banking. Bills can only be paid from a UCU checking account and cannot be sent from a savings or money market account.


How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

After logging into digital banking, click on 'Pay Bills.' You will need to accept the terms and conditions for Bill Pay and then verify your information is correct, such as your email and mobile phone number.


After the steps above, you will be able to start adding payees and scheduling bill payments.


Where can I see a list of my Bill Pay payees?

To see your Bill Pay payee, navigate to the 'Pay Bills' tab in digital banking. From here, click 'Pay' and you will see a list of your payees. You can also click on the three vertical dots above 'Pay', select 'Settings', and then click 'Manage Billers.'


How much does the Bill Pay service cost?

UCU’s Bill Pay service is free for all UCU members.


Are there other fees associated with this service?

Special services or insufficient funds associated with transactions using Bill Pay will incur processing charges. These fees will be charged in addition to any fee charged by UCU.


Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee, each – $30

Stop Payment Fee, each – $30

Expedited Check Fee - $27


Any fees for special services or insufficient funds on Bill Pay will be automatically deducted from your UCU checking account at the time of the transaction.


Please consult the Fee Schedule for fees that could be charged due to activity on your UCU account.


When will the money for my payments be deducted from my checking account?

Bill payments sent electronically will be debited from your account on the send date you select, not the due date. For example, if you have a payment scheduled to deliver on a Monday, the Bill Pay system will confirm you have sufficient funds available for the payment and debit your account on the previous Friday. If the necessary funds are not available to complete the bill payment, the payment will not process and will automatically be canceled.


Payment sent by check will debit your account when the recipient deposits the received check.


For this reason, we recommend that all scheduled payment dates selected be no less than five business days before the actual due date (not the late date and/or a date in the grace period). 


How do I know which dates I can use for sending my payments?

A calendar icon will display the dates, all of which are business days, that you can select for sending payments.


Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone in the United States that you normally would pay by check (these can include payments to a relative, friend, or any vendor), with two exceptions: state and federal tax payments and court-ordered payments (i.e., child support).


Can I view bill payments that have been made and change scheduled payments?

All scheduled payments will appear on one easy-to-read page. For payments that have been scheduled but not yet processed, you will have the ability to make changes to them or delete them.


Do I need to notify the payees I decide to pay with Bill Pay?

No, your payments are sent with your payee account number and payee information, so the payees are able to credit your account appropriately. It may take a few days for a payee to update your payment information.


What is an eBill?

Some payees offer to send their statements or invoices electronically instead of being mailed in paper format. If your billers allow this, you can view your eBills by clicking on the biller and selecting 'View Bill.' However, if you choose to receive eBills, depending on the merchant, you may still receive a paper bill in addition to an electronic one.


Can I download my payment transactions into Quicken®?

You can export information about your payment transactions into either a QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) file for Quicken®.


What is the Bill Pay Guarantee?

Rest assured that your online payments processed through Bill Pay will be executed safely and reliably. The two-part guarantee provides protection from unauthorized transactions, and limits your liability for late-payment-related charges due to processing delays, so long as the payment is scheduled in accordance with the terms and conditions.


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