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Say hello to UCU CashBack+, our digital gift card marketplace. Browse offers personalized to your favorite brands + hundreds more. Directly within the digital banking platform, you can purchase a gift card in any amount and use it to make your everyday purchases. You’ll receive cash back, up to 20% of the gift card’s value!


For example, if you choose a $100 gift card that has a 10% cash back value, upon purchase you’ll instantly receive $10 in your UCU CashBack+ wallet. Use these funds for other gift card purchases or transfer them into your UCU checking or savings account. There is no limit to how much cash back you can receive.



4 easy steps to get cash back.

Using UCU CashBack+ is easy, instant, and convenient.





Log into digital banking and click on the UCU CashBack+ module on your dashboard.





Click the ‘Explore’ tab to browse personalized offers from the brands you love + hundreds more.





Select a gift card and the amount you’d like, then confirm which UCU account you’d like to use. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive your cash back in your UCU CashBack+ wallet—up to 20%.





Your gift card will be sent to you via email and is also conveniently stored in your UCU CashBack+ wallet. You can use your gift cards when shopping in store or online.




Shopping your favorites has never been so rewarding.

Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Lowes too. You’ll find hundreds of well-loved brands available with UCU CashBack+. Find the offer that suits you and get up to 20% cash back from your favorite places to shop or dine.


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CashBack+ Frequently Asked Questions


How does UCU CashBack+ work?

UCU CashBack+ is a gift card marketplace that can be accessed directly in digital banking. The marketplace offers a large variety of digital gift cards from hundreds of well-loved brands that are paired with cash back offers. When you purchase these gift cards using funds from your checking and/or savings accounts, you will receive a percentage of cash back. The brands are personalized to you, and the offers update frequently.


How can I access UCU CashBack+?

Once logged into your digital banking account, click the UCU CashBack+ marketplace icon on your dashboard. From there, select the ‘Explore’ tab to view your list of personalized gift card offers.


Does my gift card expire?

Expiration policies are dictated by the specific gift card's retailer but note that federal law dictates gift cards cannot expire within a minimum of 5 years from the date of purchase. For more information regarding your specific gift card, we recommend reaching out to the specific brand’s support team.


Can I get a physical gift card?

UCU CashBack+ only provides digital gift cards to ensure they can be utilized instantly but you can always print your digital gift card. Use the gift card code and PIN to redeem online or, if presented with a barcode, the gift card can be scanned from your cellular device or printed out and presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.


Why do I see different gift card options than other members?

UCU CashBack+ provides a personalized list of bonus offers to each member-owner. The options may change depending on a variety of factors including your previous purchase history, location, and more.



How can I pay for my selected gift cards?

In the account drop down menu of CashBack+, located in the top right, you can choose one of your University Credit Union accounts to pay for your gift card. If you would like to pay for a gift card with your CashBack+ balance, you need to have the full value of the selected gift card’s denomination available to complete the purchase. We do not currently support using multiple accounts, including a portion of cash back, to purchase a single gift card.


How will I receive my purchased gift cards?

Digital gift cards will be available within your UCU CashBack+ wallet shortly after you make the purchase. You will also receive a confirmation email at the time of purchase, sent to the email associated with your UCU account. The digital gift card comes with a code that can be used online or scanned in store. The gift card will remain in your UCU CashBack+ wallet until you are ready to use it, at which point you can archive it within the wallet. If you do not see the email, please check your spam or junk folders. If you still cannot find an email from UCU CashBack+, you can email [email protected].


How do I receive my cash back?

When you purchase a digital gift card, you will receive an additional percentage (up to 20%) of your gift card value as cash back. The cash back will appear in your UCU CashBack+ wallet which is accessible in the menu of digital banking’s UCU CashBack+ marketplace. These funds can be used for other gift card purchases or transferred back into your checking and/or savings account. Transferring cash back to your account can take up to 24 hours. There are no fees associated with utilizing your cash back.


Can I exchange a gift card or cancel a transaction?

Typically gift cards cannot be exchanged or canceled once they are successfully processed and delivered. However, our UCU CashBack+ partner, Prizeout, handles these requests on a case-by-case basis. We suggest reaching out to [email protected]. They will be able to provide confirmation if a specific card can be canceled and the funds returned.


Can purchases be made outside the United States?

No. The UCU CashBack+ tile is visible to all member-owners both in and outside of the US. However, if you attempt to access CashBack+ from outside the US, you will receive an error message letting you know CashBack+ has failed to load.



How can I access gift cards that I’ve previously purchased?

To view a previously purchased gift card, you can use the email confirmation that was sent to you or access your UCU CashBack+ wallet via the UCU CashBack+ marketplace in your digital banking account.


What if I archived a card accidentally?

To find a previously archived gift card, navigate to your UCU CashBack+ wallet and click the ‘Archive’ filter button on the top menu. This will provide a full list of all previously archived cards. You can click into a specific card and click “Unarchive“ to add the card back into the main section of your wallet.


Does cash back expire?

No, earned cash back never expires.



Where can I find my gift card balance?

Gift card balances can be checked via the brand’s website. If additional assistance is needed, please click here for instructions on how to check the balance of your gift card for some of the most popular brands.


What should I do if I lost my gift card number and/or PIN?

You can access your previously purchased gift cards either through the email confirmation or through your UCU CashBack+ wallet, which is accessible in the menu of the UCU CashBack+ marketplace in digital banking. If you cannot find the original email, and the card is not in your UCU CashBack+ wallet, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.


Can I send a gift card to a friend?

Yes, a purchased gift card can be sent to friends or family via email. To do so, forward the gift card email to the recipient or share the gift card code with them. Even when you forward a gift card email to someone else, it remains available in your UCU CashBack+ wallet. Please archive the card within the wallet to ensure you don’t use the card by mistake.


What if my gift card purchase was successful but cash back was not issued?

If you have had a successful gift card purchase and do not receive your cash back, reach out to [email protected] for assistance.


What if my gift card was sent to an email account I can no longer access?

If you no longer have access to the email account on file with UCU, you can update your email address within digital banking. Once updated, please reach out to [email protected] to confirm the change and have the previous cards sent to your new email address.


What if I purchased multiple gift cards but only received an email for one?

With certain email accounts, emails can get threaded together. This can especially be an issue with Gmail accounts. Check the inbox where the gift card was sent to see if other emails are tethered to that email. If the email is not found, you can always access your gift cards in your UCU CashBack+ wallet in digital banking.


What should I do if a gift card did not work when I attempted to use it?

Depending on which gift card you purchased, please visit the CashBack+ Help Center and review the detailed instructions for your specific brand. Brand websites can have different methods of accepting gift cards. If redemption instructions were followed as shown, reach out to the UCU CashBack+ support team at [email protected].


Where can I go for further assistance?

If you have a question that still needs to be answered, please visit the CashBack+ Help Center or reach out to [email protected].