UCU offers a Financial Wellness tool inside of our digital banking platform that gives you the ability to see all of your financial relationships in one place. With this tool, you'll you will be able to better understand and manage your money, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.


With Financial Wellness:


  • View all of your accounts, including those with other financial institutions
  • Track all of your spending in one place
  • Access a customized Financial Health Checkup
  • Create your own budgets
  • Set goals for saving, investing, and retirement


Our Financial Wellness tool is available in both mobile and online banking by accessing the widgets called 'Financial Health Checkup', 'Spend Forecast', and 'Spending Analysis.' Easily connect your external accounts by selecting 'Connect' on the main dashboard inside digital banking.


Start reaching your financial goals by having an up-to-date picture of your finances no matter where you are!

How long does the entire process take?

Depending on the number of accounts and information you have available from other institutions, the process takes about 5 minutes to set up. Your UCU accounts are added automatically.


What are the benefits of using this service?

Financial Wellness tracks your spending and net worth, as well as allows you to set budgets and goals. It is a great tool that will save you time by allowing you to see and manage all of your financial relationships in one place.


Are there any institutions that are blocked out of Money Management?

If you are unable to find an institution, via the search feature, you will be able to add it manually.


What happens if an account is not categorized?

If an account is categorized incorrectly or not categorized at all, you will be able to manually categorize it. Financial Wellness will remember manual categorizations for future transactions.


How long will changes to my accounts take to show up in Money Management?

Any changes or transactions made on your accounts will show up as soon as they happen. Depending on the institution, pending transactions may not be reflected in Financial Wellness until they have fully cleared.


How far out can I forecast my goals?

There is no limit as to how far out you can forecast your goals. Goals for retirement, savings, or debt payoff are customizable to any timeline you set.


Is the interface the same on the mobile app and online banking?

Yes, the interface is similar on both the mobile app and online banking.


Will all of my information be secure while using this service?

Yes, Financial Wellness is secured inside online banking and mobile and uses a high level of encryption to protect your data.


Who else will have access to my outside accounts and assets?

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are giving permission to UCU and Lumin Digital to have access to your data.


Will I receive additional advertising to my mobile device from using this service?

No, you will not receive any additional advertising by using Financial Wellness.