Your UCU Visa debit card offers convenient access to your money and spending flexibility.


Your UCU Visa debit card comes with your checking account and gives you more flexibility when it comes to withdrawing and spending your money.

A great debit card makes life easier


  • No monthly fees
  • Enjoy fee-free access to over 30,000 ATMs through the CO-OP Network
  • Added security and protection with EMV-chip technology
  • Verified by Visa protects against unauthorized use when you register your card
  • Use your card anywhere overseas, but keep the following tips in mind


  • Let us know where you're going to help ensure legitimate purchases and withdrawals are approved.
  • Make sure your card will not expire while you are away.
  • Keep your account number and the lost/stolen customer service telephone number (973.682.2652) in a safe place, separate from your wallet or handbag.
  • Check Fee Schedule for foreign ATM transaction fees.
  • If you have questions, contact us at (800) UCU-4510 x 1.

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