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S.A.F.E. (Secure and Fair Enforcement) for Mortgage Licensing Act

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act), requires credit union mortgage loan originators and their employing institutions to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS).

Each employee of a credit union who acts as a mortgage loan originator must register with the Registry, obtain a unique identifier, and maintain this registration in accordance with the requirements of the S.A.F.E. Act.

Below are the registered mortgage loan originators of University Credit Union, NMLS #409731.

  • Estela Nagahashi – NMLS ID #1699957
  • Franklin Young – NMLS ID #424413
  • Michelle Pacheco – NMLS ID #662822
  • Johanes Angkadjaja – NMLS ID #1411033
  • Sheree Reid – NMLS ID #485777
  • Jennifer Leon – NMLS ID #1519527

One of the objectives of the SAFE Act is to provide consumers with easily accessible information at no charge regarding mortgage loan originators. You may access information at

Request for information related to an existing mortgage loan, or request for resolution of an error or errors in connection with an existing mortgage loan must be made in writing and forwarded via the U.S. mail to the following address:

University Credit Union
Attn: Real Estate Department
1500 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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