Cooperatively powered with unlimited cash back earning potential.


Spend wisely. Earn freely. Unlimited earning. Generous lines. 


  • Earn up to 3% cash back on all purchases for first 6 months and 1.5% after that*
  • No annual fee1
  • No foreign transaction fee1


Plus, having both a Cash Back Credit Card and a University Checking Account helps you earn up to 5.00% APY2 more for the banking you already do!



Q: I already have a credit card with you (University Credit Union). Can I get also get a Cash Back Card?

A: Yes! You can keep your existing card (or transfer your outstanding balance to your new card). To take advantage of our new Cash Back Card, an application is required. Apply today!


Q: How does the promotional 3.00% cash back for 6 months work?

A: With the introduction of the Cash Back Credit Card, the credit union is pleased to offer our members 3.00% cash back on all net purchases for the first 6 months from the issue date, up to $10,000 in purchases, whichever occurs first. After 6 months or $10,000 in purchases, you will receive 1.50% cash back for net purchases thereafter. 


Q: How do I earn cash back? 

A: To be eligible to receive cash back, you must enroll in eStatements and have a University Checking Account. Cash back is calculated on net purchases (purchases less any credits, returns and adjustments). Earned cash back amount will automatically be deposited into your University Checking Account monthly.   


Q: When will I receive my cash back payment? 

A: Cash back will be calculated from the beginning to the end of each statement cycle. That month’s cash back will be deposited into your University Checking Account on the 1st of the month.


Q: I closed my checking account. Can I direct my cash back to be deposited to my share account? 

A: The Cash Cack Card requires an open checking account and eStatements. If a checking account does not exist or is closed, the card will not be eligible for cash back and any cash back will be forfeited.


Q: I made some returns and received a credit on my statement. Now my cash back amount is negative. What happens to my cash back payment?

A: You will not receive any additional cash back until the negative amount has been brought current. Once your cash back amount is positive again, cash back deposits will resume to your account. If you have returns due to a dispute, they will not be calculated as part of the return.

Member Testimonial

"UCU has helped me finance all the cars I have owned throughout my life. They treat me like family."

- Glenn A.