Limited or no credit - no worries.


You want to buy a car but have limited or no credit history. We offer first time auto buyers who don't have any car buying experience, a loan that is perfect for building credit history. Why? Because you need a car, and you deserve to have us by your side to navigate the road.

  • Competitive rates and manageable terms
  • Great way to establish your credit history
  • For members who have limited or no credit history, but not negative credit

Once you're ready to apply online for your First-Time Auto Buyer loan, do it online in less time. If you're still trying to figure out which vehicle you want and can afford, our auto buying services point you in the right direction.

Member Testimonial

"As a recent college graduate, I was very nervous about purchasing my first car. Luckily UCU made it a  very simple, efficient and easy-going process that left me with all my questions answered."

- Joel O. 

Member Testimonial

"UCU has helped me finance all the cars I have owned throughout my life. They treat me like family."

- Glenn A.