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You're probably not quick to pick up an owners' manual and start reading. We don't blame you. These disclosures, however, are more interesting. And more importantly, we're providing easy access to them because we believe the strongest relationships are built on trust and transparency.

As a financial institution, we’re all about numbers.

In fact, we’re obsessed with saving you money.
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Membership and Account Agreement

Better understand your rights and obligations as a member of University Credit Union.

Online and Mobile Banking Agreement

Learn your rights and responsibilities for the online and mobile services that are provided by UCU.

Bill Payment Service Agreement

Get all the details about payments.

eStatement Service Disclosure

We make it easy for you.

Privacy Policy

We place a high priority on keeping member information confidential and secure.

SAFE Act Registration Disclosure

UCU and all our loan originators are NMLS-registered, and acting in your best interests.

Website Accessibility

We work hard to provide a website that's as accessible as our advisory centers.

Member Testimonial

"My experience with UCU and the staff was nothing short of outstanding from start to finish. An absolute testament to the values that UCLA and UCU share."

- Vince S.


We have an abundance of answers and we’re always happy to dispense them freely.

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