Grow your savings faster with our limited-time certificates.


If you are looking to increase your savings in a secure and predictable way, a UCU certificate is the perfect way to ensure your money will grow with a dependable and steady rate.


For a limited time, we are offering 3.50% APY 30-month certificate and 2.25% APY 14-month certificate specials to help you boost your savings even more.

Certificate special details


Money up front

Earn 3.50% APY for 30 months, or 2.25% APY for 14 months on new money deposited to UCU


Wire Transfer

We’ll cover up to $50 of your wire transfer fee so you can move your money easily1


One monthly payment

Deposited funds are insured by the NCUA


No maximum amount

Minimum $500 deposit to open, with no maximum deposit amount

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