Tap into an elevated banking experience.


Your UCU debit card has gone through a cutting-edge transformation. UCU’s new and improved debit cards prioritize simplicity, security, and convenience. The latest in modern banking is now in your wallet!


Explore the exciting advantages of your new card.




We’ve gone contactless, making your payments faster and more secure with a simple tap.




Taking a sustainable step forward, our standard UCU debit cards are now made from 85% recycled plastic.




Your card comes with Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ to help defend your accounts against identity theft.


Plus, we revamped the look and feel of our standard UCU debit card, with a sleek and modern design that fits you perfectly.


UCU Debit Card


Your next steps


You can now activate your new debit card and begin using it. Activate your card by following the instructions on the sticker on the front of your card or via digital banking. Make sure to set your PIN when you activate your new card.



Your new debit card has a new card number, so be sure to update it in your mobile wallet, for any recurring payments, or anywhere else you may have it stored.



If you previously had any alerts or settings set up in Card Manager, they will need to be set up again.



After activating your new card, please safely destroy and discard your old debit card. Your new card will need to be activated by February 24 to avoid any disruptions to your account.



If you have any questions regarding your upgraded debit card, please call us at 800.UCU.4510.


Why did my debit card change?

Our commitment to better serving our member-owners is always top of mind. We chose to upgrade our debit cards to deliver added benefits and state-of-the-art convenience. Our new debit cards now allow contactless transactions and offer enhanced security. Plus, our standard UCU debit card features a new revamped and modern look and feel.


When can I activate and start using my new card?

You can activate and start using your new card on February 14, 2024.


How can I activate my new card?

To activate your new debit card, call the phone number on the sticker on the front of your card and follow the instructions. You can also complete this process through the UCU digital banking portal.


Who can I call if I have problems activating my card?

If you have any issues or questions about activating or using your new card, please contact us at 800.UCU.4510.


Does the new card have a different card number?

To help ensure your card security, your new card has a new card number. If you have any recurring automatic payments set up, such as streaming services, utilities, or a gym membership, or have your card in a mobile wallet, make sure you update them with your new debit card number and expiration date.


What should I do with my old debit card?

Once you activate your new debit card, you should destroy your old debit card by shredding or cutting it several times. Then, safely dispose of it.


What is a contactless card and what are the benefits?

A contactless card uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology, allowing cardholders to wave their card over a contactless payment terminal. The embedded antenna transmits the payment information to the terminal using a one-time code for each transaction. Utilizing this feature makes purchases faster, more secure, and easier.


How secure are contactless cards?

Each contactless card transaction uses a one-time code to complete the payment. This code and data are unique to each purchase and can only be used once. In addition, every contactless terminal utilizes its own secret key, which is never transmitted.


Can I continue to use my old debit card?

Once you’ve activated your new card, you can no longer use your old debit card. Additionally, all old debit cards will stop working on February 24, 2024.


How do I add my new card to a mobile wallet?

When you add your new debit card to your mobile wallet, you can quickly and conveniently complete transactions using just your mobile phone. For instructions on adding your card to your mobile wallet, please click here.


Are there other ways I can manage my card?

You can manage your debit card through UCU’s digital banking platform. Here, you can access an organized overview of your account, as well as utilize Card Manager to schedule travel notices, set customized alerts, lock or unlock your cards, and more.


Will I still have all my Card Manager settings and alerts available?

With the upgrade and new card number, any settings and alerts in Card Manager tied to your old debit card will no longer be available. Please access Card Manager to register and configure any settings and reset up any alerts you would like.


What is Mastercard ID Theft Protection™?

Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ is a free program available to you as a cardholder that helps eliminate the fear of identity theft. With the service, your card will be monitored and you’ll be alerted if suspicious activity is found. Plus, you’ll have a team of experts available 24/7 to help assist with any problems. To sign up, visit mastercardus.idprotectiononline.com.


Will I have access to my past debit card transaction history and statements?

You will still be able to access your past debit card transaction history and previous statements in digital banking.


What if I lost my new card?

If you lost your new card, please contact us at 800.UCU.4510.


Why was my ATM card reissued as a debit card?

Our upgraded debit cards have enhanced security features that provide more protection for your finances than a standard ATM card.


How can I set or change the PIN on my debit card?

Your PIN can be set at the same time you activate your debit card. If you would like to change your PIN, please call the PIN Now number at 888.886.0083.


How do I activate my debit card if I am located outside of the United States?

If you are located outside of the US, please call 727.540.9434 to activate your debit card.


Can I still have my debit card instant issued at a UCU location?

Debit cards will no longer be instant issued, but can be issued digitally if needed.


I became a UCU member-owner after January 17, 2024. Will I receive an upgraded Mastercard debit?

Yes, newer member-owners will receive an upgraded Mastercard debit in late February.


What if I only have a Savings Account?

If you do not have a University Checking Account, make sure to select your Savings Account to set your withdrawals from. If you would like to open a University Checking Account, please log in to digital banking to open the account.