Save for short- or long-term goals with a competitive and guaranteed dividend rate through a UCU Share Certificate

At UCU, you have multiple options and you’ll always know exactly what dividend rate you’ll receive during the term.




Share Certificates*

Account Type Minimum Balance
to Earn Dividends
Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
6-Month $500 0.349% 0.350%
12-Month $500 0.449% 0.450%
14-Month Special1 $500 2.227% 2.250%
24-Month $500 0.648% 0.650%
30-Month Special2 $500 3.445% 3.500%
36-Month $500 0.847% 0.850%
48-Month $500 0.946% 0.950%
60-Month $500 1.045% 1.050%

To join today, complete our online membership application. If you're already a UCU member and wish to open a Certificate, you can do so in-person at one of our advisory centers or by calling us at 800.UCU.4510.

Member Testimonial

"The way each UCU staff member cared for my every concern allowed me to drive away in my new ride."

- Beverly W.