Check Reorder

Online check reordering, check styles and more!

It’s never been easier to pick out a check design, reorder your next box of checks or take a look at some of the great accessory items that go with your checking account!

University Credit Union offers a wide variety of quality check designs for University Credit Union members through Harland Clarke, our check printing partner.

Go directly to the Harland Clarke Check Printers site to check out all the latest designs, pricing and order options for the UCU Checking Account:

  • Reorder your checks online –There are three ways to reorder checks: online, in person or by mail. Reorder your checks on line through Harland Clarke. Using the reorder slip attached to one of your last book of checks, you can select your existing design or a new check design (if you have an address change, you will need to mail or bring your check reorder to the credit union office).E-mail notifications keep you updated with your online check reorders. At your request, you can get confirmation of your order, as well as notifications on production and shipping of your checks, through e-mail messages. A great feature so you’ll know when to expect your checks in the mail!
  • Review the latest check designs — Whether it’s picking out your first check design or looking for the next design you’ll want on your reorder, go online to check out all latest designs.
  • Ordering your first set of checks — If you are opening a new account or are ordering checks from UCU for the first time, you will have to make your initial order of checks either through the mail or in person at one of our offices. Once we get the initial order, any reorder after that can be made on line. Contact a UCU Financial Services Specialist for more details.

To reorder click here to reorder checks online.