Privacy Policy

University Credit Union (UCU) places a high priority on keeping member information confidential and secure. We recognize that you expect privacy and security for your personal and financial affairs. We understand the need to safeguard sensitive information about you that you have entrusted to us. There are also steps you should consider to maintain the privacy and secure access of your personal information.

Member Privacy Policy

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Internet Guidelines

Protecting Online Applications
When you apply online for accounts or use the Home Branch online banking service, you provide personal information that is necessary for us to process your application. To ensure that your information remains confidential, all sessions are established with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL encrypts and decodes all data transmitted only between your browser and the UCU server. For more information on security and recommended browsers, please see the eBranch Security on our Web site.

It is recommended that when using a browser containing any personal data, that you end the browser session so other users or persons do not have access to your personal information.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically
For site security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, UCU employs software programs to monitor Web site traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or modify information, or otherwise cause damage.

UCU also uses software programs to collect statistical information about the use of UCU’s Web site and applications contained therein. Programs are used to create summary statistics, which are used for such purposes as assessing what information is of most and least interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. No personal information, such as your name or address is collected or used for this analysis. We collect no information that would identify you personally, unless you give your authorization for us to retain that information. Any data automatically stored is kept as the confidential records of the credit union and is not sold or distributed in part or whole to any third party. Regarding “do not track” signals, UCU does not use tracking information or pass this type of information to third parties.

Account and Device Security
It is your responsibility to protect the integrity of your Password and account access information. In order to prevent unauthorized transactions and/or account access you agree to ensure the security of the electronic device you use to access your account information (computer, laptop, phone, tablet or other computing device). A best practice is to install antivirus and spyware software and keep it current, and use a password and/or firewall. Another is to password protect your device in order to gain access to the programs. If you grant online account access to a non-signer, you will be financially liable for all unauthorized access, loss or misuse. You are liable for all transactions up to the date that you report unauthorized access, loss or misuse to UCU.

Access of eBranch
There is no charge to use eBranch online, through a mobile application or though wireless services. You, the user, are responsible for any message and data rates that may apply from your wireless service providers and/or wireless carriers. Access to eBranch, though any device, is limited to the availability of online services, wi-fi access or wireless service and is not the responsibility of University Credit Union. The credit union works to maintain consistent access to account information through all e eBranch applications, but does not guarantee access. There may be times where the service may experience periodic downtime due isolated events such as, but not limited to, power outages, line malfunctions, server interruptions, server maintenance, service updates or any other event in which access would become temporarily unavailable.

Use of Cookies on the UCU Web Site
UCU only utilizes the use of cookies in its Home Branch application. For each logon session, a cookie is maintained only to verify that the user receiving the information is the user that logged on. Once you terminate your session on Home Branch, the cookie is no longer valid.

UCU contracts with affiliated parties to provide other Web-based applications. These services, usually housed on the affiliate servers, may employ the use of cookies to administer their application.

Information Collected from E-mails and Web Forms
UCU uses personally identifiable information from an electronic mail message containing a question or comment or from a form that e-mails us information to fulfill a request for information or to respond to your requests. UCU reserves the right to store these requests to assist us in following up or maintaining service quality of requests or to provide us with information for future improvements to our Web site. We may forward your electronic message or request to other employees who are better able to respond to your particular need. We do not create individual profiles with the information you provide. UCU may keep e-mail addresses or data that you personally authorize us to keep (for internal marketing or promotional purposes).

Service Changes or Updates
The information and material contained within these pages, and the terms, conditions and descriptions that appear, may be updated without notice. University Credit Union’s online account services will be modified from time to time to add new services and enhance existing services.

Protecting Children’s Privacy Online
From our web sites, we do not knowingly collect or use personal information from children under 13 years of age.

Links to Other Sites
To provide you with greater access of information, UCU maintains a list of links to other sites. This is provided as a service to our membership. UCU has no control over these sites and is not responsible for the contents or privacy practices of these sites. UCU makes no warranty about the quality or adequacy of services provided by or through these other sites with respect to services and products provided nor whether these sites will maintain the confidentiality of member information or whether the information will be distributed to other third parties.

eStatement Agreement

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Bill Payment Service Agreement

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