University Credit Union (UCU) is committed to making sure your accounts are safe and secure. UCU has employed some of the best security, firewall, and encryption tools available in the market today to configure our eBranch. With this security infrastructure in place, we are confident access to your accounts is private and secure.

Security Questions Used to Verify Users

UCU uses security questions to verify eBranch users. This method works to thwart fraudulent access to member information. Incorrect answers will bar a user from accessing the account information.

New users will be asked to set up questions, while existing users may be asked to answer questions previously set up. If you have a joint owner on your account, please share your security answers with that owner (in case the questions are asked).

Browser Security and Digital Ids

Encryption helps protect your private information so it cannot be intercepted and read by a third party. UCU’s eBranch also incorporates the use of digital identification. The eBranch sends a digital server certificate that your browser uses each time you log in to verify you are indeed connected to UCU. Look for the green url or the lock to be sure you have a secure session.

As an added security feature, if the eBranch session is inactive for 20 minutes or more, the session will “time out” and require you to re-enter your account and PIN for further access to your account.  UCU requires you use a browser with 128-bit encryption to conduct secure financial transactions with the highest encryption commercially available. Browser information

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