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Speed through online checkout securely — without a password


There’s a faster, safer way to pay with your UCU Credit Card online. Click to Pay makes online shopping simple by storing your unique payment info in one secure place, so you can access it wherever you shop online.


No more passwords.

No separate accounts.

No re-entering card and shipping info each time you pay online.


How It Works

  • You create a Click to Pay profile where your payment info is securely stored.
  • While online shopping with participating merchants, look for the EMV® Click to Pay icon at checkout.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Check out securely in just a few clicks.


Click to Pay is the answer for smoother, safer online purchases.



Take control of how you pay online.


Register your Mastercard Credit or Debit Card



How do I create my Mastercard Click to Pay profile?

To create your Click to Pay profile, go to Then add your card information.


What kind of information is needed to set up a Click to Pay profile?

You will need to enter your email address, mobile number, card information, and billing address.


Can I use Click to Pay at every online retailer?

No, while many larger retailers do offer Click to Pay, you will only be able to use it when you see the Click to Pay icon and Mastercard logo at checkout.


Will Click to Pay remember my password for easy checkout?

You can choose to be a remembered user which means you will be recognized when you checkout. If you are not a remembered user, you will enter your user ID and will receive a one-time verification code that you will use to login.


What happens to cards that have expired or need to be updated?

Simply login to your Click to Pay account and delete the card you want to update. You can then add a new payment method with updated information.


How many individual cards can I add into my Click to Pay profile?

You can add as many individual cards that you want. You are able to manage your cards at