Make shopping easier and more secure


No wallet, no problem. Adding your UCU Debit or Credit Card to Samsung Wallet is easy. Plus, you can shop at millions of online and in-store retailers across the world. Additionally, Samsung Wallet gives you an extra layer of security, so no more worrying about lost or stolen credit cards.


Benefits of Samsung Wallet


  • Magnetic secure transmission technology allows you to use Samsung Wallet at any payment terminals, even ones with older technology
  • Keep all your UCU Cards in one convenient location
  • Receive Samsung Rewards when you use Samsung Wallet


How to set up your UCU Cards on Samsung Wallet


  • Open the app and sign into your Samsung account or sign up for a Samsung account if you don’t have one
  • Once you have logged in, add your UCU Cards
  • Next time you shop, simply open the app, choose your UCU Card, and hold your phone near the reader

Your card is secure


There is no need to worry if you lose your Samsung device. All payments made through Samsung Wallet will be protected with an extra layer of security by fingerprint, pin number, or iris scan.  Your card information is encrypted, so you never have to worry about someone getting ahold of your card information.