Our paper trail is going digital — yours can, too.


The era of paper bills and envelopes has come to an end. Pay and receive bills online by accessing UCU's Bill Pay feature on our website -- it's easier, more secure, and more convenient than ever. Save time and trees by accessing bills digitally.

Do more with Bill Pay


  • Schedule payments in advance, to utilities, cable companies - even your babysitter
  • Make transfers between your UCU account and accounts at outside financial institutions
  • Quick and convenient transfers from your UCU account to anyone with Popmoney. Select billers offer same day payments
  • We guarantee your payment will arrive on time as scheduled, or we'll pay up to $50 of your late fees


Quicker and more secure than snail mail


  • Payees can send your statement directly to your online account
  • Receive email alerts to notify you when your bills are ready to view
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption secures your connection and account information



How do I access the Bill Pay service?

To access the Web Bill Pay service, you must first sign in to online banking and click on the Bill Pay login button to enter the service.


First-time users will be asked to register for the service. Information from your UCU account will be used to fill in most of the information. Please complete the remaining sections of the form, review the agreement and submit. Once you have registered, you can begin entering bill payees to set up payments.

What credit union services must I have to enroll in Bill Pay?

You must maintain a University Credit Union Checking account and be enrolled in UCU’s free online banking service. Bills can only be paid from a UCU checking account (funds cannot be accessed from savings or money market accounts).


How do I enroll in the Bill Pay service?

When you sign in to online banking, click on the Bill Pay Login button for Bill Pay. You will be directed to an enrollment page where you must verify your information, enter your phone number, enter your e-mail address for information notification, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.


After you click on the Enroll button you will be asked to enroll in the email Payments program of Web Bill Pay. This is the service that allows you to email payments to others. If you do not sign up at this time, you have the ability to sign up later. The email Payment service comes with Web Bill Pay and has no additional usage charges.


You will then be sent to the Bill Pay home page so you can begin paying bills.

How much does the Bill Pay service cost?

UCU’s Bill Pay service is free of monthly charges for all accounts.

Are there other fees associated with this service?

Special services or insufficient funds associated with transactions using Bill Pay will incur processing charges. These fees will be charged in addition to any fee charged by UCU.


Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee, each – FREE

Stop Payment Fee, each – FREE

Overnight Mailing Fee – $17.50

Next Day Check Payment Fee, per item – $15.00

Same Day Payment, per item – $12.95

Account-to-Account Transfers, each – FREE

Copy of Corporate Check, each – FREE


Any fees for Special services or insufficient funds on Bill Pay will be automatically deducted from your UCU checking account at the time of the transaction.


Please consult the Fee Schedule for fees that could be charged due to activity on your UCU account.

What equipment, software, and/or connections do I need to pay bills?

You will need to have a browser installed on your PC, which is capable of 128-bit U.S. security encryption. This is sometimes referred to as 128-bit strong encryption. If you do not have sufficient browser encryption you will receive an “Insufficient Browser Encryption” error message when you try and log on to BillPay. In addition to the error message, you will be provided with links where you can obtain the required browser versions.

Is my account and payment information safe?

Yes, Bill Pay uses SSL (secure sockets layer), which ensures that your connection and information are secure from outside inspection. The system also uses 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes through the internet.

What if I have questions or need help?

If you have questions or need help with using the system (setting up merchants, paying a bill, starting a payment investigation, etc.) after you are enrolled, there is an extensive help section within the system that should help answer many of your questions without requiring a call. If you have further questions, you can call the Bill Pay Customer Service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How many days does it take for my payment to reach the biller?

Some companies let you send payments on the same day or the next business day, depending on the time of day when you enter your payment information. For most bills, it can take two to four business days to send the payment.


For this reason, it is recommended that all scheduled payment dates selected by you be no less than five business days before the actual due date (not the late date and/or a date in the grace period) If you properly follow the procedures described herein, and the service fails to send a payment according to the payment instructions received, the service will bear responsibility for any late charges. In any other event, including but not limited to choosing a scheduled payment date which is not five business days before the due date or on or past the due date stated on your invoice or bill, the risk of incurring and the responsibility for paying any and all late charges or penalties, is yours.

How do I know which dates I can use for sending my payments?

The helpful calendar icon will display the dates you can select for sending your payments.

When will the money for my payments be deducted from my checking account?

A payment amount transacted through Bill Pay will post no sooner than the payment date you set up for that payment. A payment amount may be deducted later, but in most cases they will post on the payment date you selected.

Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone in the United States that you normally would pay by check (these can include payments to a relative, friend, or any vendor), with two exceptions: state and federal tax payments and court-ordered payments (i.e., child support).

Can I transfer money between my UCU account and my accounts at other financial institutions?

Yes. Account to Account Transfers will allow you to electronically transfer money securely between your UCU account and your accounts held at other financial institutions. You can make one-time transfers or schedule recurring transfers, up to one year in advance. There is a $3.00 fee, per transfer. Just look for the “Transfer Money” tab when logged into Bill Pay to get started.

Can I view bill payments that have been made and change scheduled payments?

All payments that have been processed and all scheduled payments will appear on one easy-to-read page. For payments that have been scheduled but not yet processed (processing occurs four days before the schedule payment date), you will have the ability to edit or delete a scheduled payment.

Do I need to notify the payees I decide to pay with Bill Pay?

No, your payments are sent with your payee account number and payee information, so the payees are able to credit your account appropriately. It may take a few days for a payee to update your payment information.


How do I place a stop payment on a payment?

You can cancel your scheduled payment requests before they are processed by clicking the “Cancel” tab in the Bill Pay site. If the item has started processing, our ability to process a stop payment request will depend on the payment method and whether or not a check has cleared. To activate the “stop payment” of a payment already processed, you must call Bill Pay Customer Service prior to the payment date you scheduled for the payment. If the payment date has passed you may also call Web Bill Pay support or email them by clicking on the “inquire” button next to the payment in the Payment History screen. We may not have a reasonable opportunity to act on any stop payment request on a payment that has already been processed. If you determine that a check from your account was mailed for the payment, you may also call the UCU. We will need to know the check number, dollar amount, and payee. This information is available in the Payment History screen by clicking on the “view” button next to the payment.

What is an eBill?

Some payees offer to send their statements or invoices electronically instead of being mailed in paper format. If your billers allow this, you can view your eBills on the Bill Pay site. However, if you choose to receive eBills, depending on the merchant, you may still receive a paper bill, as well as an electronic one.

How long will my eBill statements remain on the Bill Pay service?

For convenient reference, eBill statements will remain on the Bill Pay site up to six months.

Is an eBill the same as email Payments?

No. EBill service will deliver each month’s bill to your Bill Pay account. Email Payments are when you send money by e-mail to another person’s financial institution.

Can I download my payment transactions into Quicken®?

You can export information about your payment transactions into either a QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) file for Quicken®.

How do I cancel Bill Pay?

Go to the “My Profile” section and click “Service Setup” at the top of the page, then click “Cancel Your Service” at the bottom of the page. Be aware that you will no longer have access to your “Payment History” section, payees are notified to no longer send eBills, and scheduled payments will not be paid, but processed payments will be paid.

What is the Bill Pay Guarantee?

Rest assured that your online payments processed through Bill Pay will be executed safely and reliably. The two-part guarantee provides protection from unauthorized transactions, and limits your liability for late-payment-related charges due to processing delays, so long as the payment is scheduled in accordance with the service Terms & Conditions.

Register for Bill Pay online simplify your finances. And review UCU's Schedule of Fees for related service charges.

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