Upgrade your browser to get the most out of your experience


To enjoy a best-in-class experience on our site, upgrade to our recommended browsers and settings. Plus, all the online banking safeguards we put into effect for your benefit will be active and running in the latest browsers.

For security, best viewing and all around greatness, University Credit Union's online services support these browser versions:


  • IE 8
  • Mozilla Firefox® 19
  • Chrome 23 for Windows XP and higher
  • Safari® 6.0
  • Google Chrome 23 for MAC® OS 10.6 and higher

These are subject to change, so check back here periodically to make sure you're connected with the best. By the way, make sure you regularly download and install any browser updates and/or patches provided by the browser manufacturer. These updates are critical to the usage and security of your browser, and they help protect your personal information and computer.

Don't know what browser version you're using? Click the "HELP" button at the top of your browser and go to "About..." to display the version.

If you have questions about your browser or how to upgrade it, contact us today.

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