We are in this together, and we will continue to see our members through challenging times.


As we close in on the last few months of this tumultuous year, with so much uncertainty remaining, I want to remind our members that your credit union stands as a constant, trusted source of support.


It is almost unbelievable to think about all that our university community has endured in 2020. From a worldwide pandemic to a complete upheaval of the way our universities conduct learning, from social unrest to our great state being shrouded in smoke from raging wildfires - it fills me with pride to see the ways our members have adapted and forged ahead despite these many challenges. We have done our best to adapt as well. And we are so very thankful for the trust you continue to place in us to provide you a financial advantage.


Throughout the last quarter, we introduced new technology and ways to support our university communities and to aid our members during these unprecedented times. We launched new remote access services for easier accessibility and custom designed Rewards Credit Cards and Mastercard® Debit Cards to further support our university partners.


Royce Virtual Assistant


In August, we added a new option for members to communicate with us. Royce is an AI-powered digital assistant that can answer product questions, offer direct links to help you navigate our website, provide investment services information, and more. Royce helps you save time by skipping the call to our Central Intelligence Advisory Center and getting the answers you’re looking for quickly.


Card Manager


In September, we were thrilled to roll out a new online and mobile banking tool that allows you to choose when, where, and how your UCU debit and credit cards are used. With Card Manager, you can take control of your spending in a way that makes sense for you - all while ensuring the safety of your accounts. Our free tool offers a host of features, including the ability to set spending limits at certain merchants, or up to an amount per day; the ability to turn the cards on or off to prevent fraud; and the option to get alerts so you know as soon as a transaction occurs.


University Cards


We launched custom designed University Credit Cards for Loyola Marymount University, Saint Mary’s College, and Santa Clara University over the past quarter. These respective Rewards Credit Cards offer our members one point for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for travel, hotels, merchandise and more. Cardholders will earn unlimited rewards points on purchases. And because we believe in a credit card that does more for our members, there are no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees and no application fees.


In addition, SMC and SCU members can show their school spirit when they select a university branded debit card to access their UCU checking account.


It’s our hope that with every swipe of these custom designed cards, our members are reminded of the long-standing relationship UCU has with the university community. We are a credit union designed by - and in support of - YOU! And our products and services are a reflection of that. Click here to learn more about our University Credit Cards.


No matter the challenges our members face, I want to ensure you know that we are in this together. Your credit union will continually look for opportunities to make your banking experience as simple and safe as possible. You deserve nothing less from your financial institution. As always, we are here for you.