Reflecting on our credit union’s journey in 2023 so far, it’s remarkable to think about what our team of certified financial experts and resilient member-owners have accomplished. We’ve completed a revolutionary digital banking upgrade, launched a virtual and in-person appointment service, and modernized our locations into high-tech banking hubs.


It’s hard to believe we’re far from finished. As we continue to grow and adapt, I know many of you are looking forward to what else UCU has in store.


Empowering students on their educational journeys.


Our annual scholarship, which aims to fuel the growth of our student-members, returns this November. High school, undergraduate, and/or graduate students can enter to win $5,000 towards their education in one of three categories: the Al Aubin Advocacy Scholarship, the Jane Permaul Women in Leadership Scholarship, or the University Credit Union Financial Advantage Scholarship.


These scholarships are part of our commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow by knocking down financial obstacles that could be holding them back. If you are (or know) a student-member who has been with UCU for at least one month and who has demonstrated a strong leadership ability and is making an impact in your community, we encourage you to apply! Students can submit their applications online by February 26, 2024.



Aligning with Georgia Tech for a powerhouse partnership.


Our team recently unveiled a landmark partnership with Georgia Tech, our first east coast-based school. Our credit union is committed to spreading the UCU financial advantage, while fostering relationships in the university community and providing the brightest minds with the financial tools and products they need to succeed, and this collaboration exemplifies just that.


We are thrilled to become an integral part of the Georgia Tech family and eagerly look forward to contributing UCU’s unique perspective and innovative financial solutions to the Yellow Jacket community.



Joining forces with the Western Atlantic Conference.


Our dynamic partnership with the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) kicked off earlier this year as UCU was named the conference’s official financial services partner. This title comes with some notable responsibilities including providing a financial advantage to all campus members including students, staff, faculty, alumni, and retirees of university communities across the United States. While no easy feat, our team’s dedication to college athletics and academics makes this an easy relationship to build on.


As part of this partnership, UCU was honored with the title sponsorship for both the 2023 WAC Baseball Tournament and the 2023 WAC Softball Tournament last May. We’re looking forward to watching this alliance grow as our relationship evolves in the years to come.



The next generation of debit and credit cards is here.


We’re making strides towards a new era of financial empowerment with our upgraded debit and credit cards, which you’ll see roll out early next year. With contactless payment and top-of-the line fraud protection, this initiative represents a big step towards enhanced security and functionality for our member-owners.


We also recognize that environmental responsibility is crucial among all of us, and our new cards prioritize this. Every standard UCU debit and credit card is now made with up to 85% recycled plastic. That’s less waste in landfills thanks to these new eco-friendly cards.



The best is yet to come.


This year, we’ve navigated challenges, celebrated triumphs, and made significant progress towards a better financial experience for our credit union community. I’m looking forward to continuing this momentum in the year ahead and achieving even more together.


A special thank you goes out to you, our member-owners, for being an integral part of our progress and accomplishments. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us next!