We're talking about a security deposit in the truest sense.


Just because you rent doesn't mean home insurance should be an afterthought. University Credit Union partners with TruStage® to offer renters insurance policies with exclusive rates for our members. Make sure you have coverage for everything that's important to you. TruStage® makes it affordable and easy, including online claim services you can access anytime.

  • Protects against loss or damage from fire, theft and other circumstances
  • Protects you from accidents, such as an injury in your apartment or damage to a neighbor's apartment

Get the policy you need to protect yourself as a renter. It's good planning that can pay off when you need it most. Learn more about TruStage® insurance options for renters or get a free quote today.

Member Testimonial

"Creating this Trust has been one of my accomplishments for this year, and I feel really good about having these protections set up."

- Cathy B.